Lexmark Printer Models

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Inkjet Printers
1300 Series Impact S305 X3470 Z13 Jetprinter
205 Pro Prospect Interpret S405 X3480 Z1300
208 Pro P315 X3530 Z1320
21G8001 P350 X3550 Z1380
2380 P4330 X3580 Z1400
2381 P4350 X3650 Z1420
2390 P6250 X3690 Z1480
2391 P6350 X4530 Z23 Jetprinter
2480 P915 X4550 Z2300
2481 Pro4000 X4580 Z2310
2490 Pro4000C X4630 Z2320
2491 Pro5500 X4650 Z2390
2580 Pro5500T X4690 Z2420
2580+ Pro715 X4875 Z2490
2580N Pro915 X4975 Z25 Jetprinter
2580N+ S308 X5070 Z33 Jetprinter
2581 S315 X5075 Z35 Jetprinter
2581+ S408 X5150 Z3500
2581N S415 X5250 Z4500
2581N+ S515 X5270 Z511 Jetprinter
2590 S608 X5450 Z515 Jetprinter
2590+ S815 Genesis X5470 Z517 Jetprinter
2590N X1150 X5495 Z605 Jetprinter
2590N+ X1190 X5650 Z611 Jetprinter
2591 X1195 X5650+ Z615 Jetprinter
2591+ X1270 X5690 Z617 Jetprinter
2591N X1290 X6150 Z65n Jetprinter
2591N+ X2250 X6170 Z730 Jetprinter
4000 Pro X2480 X6570 Z735 Jetprinter
5000 X2500 X6575 Z810 Jetprinter
5500 Pro X2530 X6650 Z815
705 Pro Prevail X2550 X6675 Z815 Jetprinter
715 Pro X2580 X6690 Z816
805 Pro Prestige X2600 X7170 Z816 Jetprinter
901 Pro Pinnacle X2630 X7350 Z845
905 Pro Platinum X2650 X74 Z845 Jetprinter
915 Pro X2670 X75 x2330
E340 X2690 X772e
E342n X3330 X8350
Home Copier Plus X3350 X9350
Laser Printers
1250 CS410dtn MX510de T652 Series
1250n CS410n MX511 T652DTN
1255 CS510de MX511de T652N
1255n CS510dte MX511dhe T652dn
1412N CS720 MX511dte T652dn Series
1512 CS720de MX610 T654
1620 CS720dte MX610DW T654DTN
1620n CS725 MX610de T654N
1625 CS725de MX611 T654dn
1625n CS725dte MX611DFE T656dne
1650 CS820 MX611de TS654dn
1650n CS820de MX611dhe W5300N
1855 CX310dn MX611dte W840
1855n CX310n MX710de W850DN
2420 CX410de MX710dhe X203
2420n CX410dte MX711de X203n
2450 CX410e MX711dhe X204
2450n CX510de MX711dthe X204n
2455 CX510dhe MX810de X215
2455n CX510dthe MX810dfe X264
2580n+ CX725 MX810dme X264dn
2581n+ CX725de MX810dte X340
2590+ CX725dhe MX810dtfe X340N
2590n+ CX725dthe MX810dtme X342
2591+ CX820 MX810dxe X342N
2591n+ CX820de MX810dxfe X363
360dn CX825 MX810dxme X363dn
360dt CX825de MX811de X364
360dtn CX860 MX811dfe X364 Series
460dn CX860de MX811dme X364dn
460dtn CX870 MX811dte X364dw
460dtw E Series MX811dtfe X3650
460dw E120n MX811dtme X463
462dtn E210 MX811dxe X463DE
5210N E220 MX811dxfe X464
862e E230 MX811dxme X464DE
864e E232 MX812D X466
C500 E232T MX812de X466DTE
C510 E232n MX812dfe X466de
C510dtn E234 MX812dme X466dwe
C510n E234N MX812dte X500n
C520N E238 MX812dtfe X502n
C522 E240 MX812dtme X520
C522n E240N MX812dxe X522
C524 E240T MX812dxfe X543 Series
C524dn E240tn MX812dxme X543dn
C524dtn E242 MX910 X544 Series
C524n E250 MX911 X544dn
C530 E250 Series MX912 X544dtn
C530DN E250D Optra S Series X544dw
C532 E250DN Optra T Series X544n
C532DN E260 S1255 X546dtn
C532N E260 Series S1620 X548de
C534 E260DN S1625 X548dte
C534dn E320 Optra S1650 X560
C534dtn E321 S1855 X620
C534n E322 Optra S2420 X622
C534x E323 S2450 X630
C540 Series E330 S2455 X632
C540n E332 S2500N X634
C543 Series E332 Series S4059 X642
C543dn E332N T4069 X642e
C544 Series E332TN T420 X644
C544dn E340 T420DN X644e
C544dtn E342 T420d X646
C544dw E342N T430 Series X646E
C544n E342tn T430D X646dte MFP
C546dtn E350 T430DN X652
C720 E350 Series T520 X652de
C734 E350D T520D X654
C734dn E352 T520DN X654de
C734dtn E352DN T520N X656
C734dw E360 T520SBE X656de
C734n E360 Series T520SDN X656dte
C736 E360D T522 X658
C736 Series E360DN T522DN X658 Series
C736dn E36x T522N X658de
C736dtn E450 T612 X658dfe
C736n E450DN T614 X658dme
C748DE E460 T616 X658dte
C748DTE E460 Series T620 X658dtfe
C748E E460DN T620DN X658dtme
C750 E460DW T620IN X734
C752 E46x T620N X734de
C752 Series IBM INFOPRINT1222 T622 X736
C752dn IBM INFOPRINT1422 T622DN X736de
C752dtn InfoPrint 1532 T622IN X738
C752fn InfoPrint 1552 T622N X738de
C752n InfoPrint 1570MFP T630 X738dte
C760 Series InfoPrint 1572MFP T630D X750e MFP
C762 InfoPrint 1650MFP T630DN X752e
C762 Series M410 Optra T630DT X752e MFP
C762dn M412 T630DTN X762
C762dtn MS310 T630N X762e
C762n MS310d T630NVE X7675
C770 MS310dn T630TN X782
C770dn MS312 DNW T630TNVE X782e
C770dtn MS312DN T630VE X792
C770n MS315DN T632 X792dtfe
C772 MS410 T632DN X792dtme
C772dn MS410d T632DTN X792dtpe
C772dtn MS410dn T632DTNF X792dtse
C772n MS415DN T632N X840
C780 MS510 T632TN X850
C780 Series MS510dn T634 X852
C780dn MS610 T634DN X854
C780dtn MS610DT T634DTN X860
C780n MS610de T634DTNF X860e
C782 MS610dn T634N X862
C782 Series MS610dte T634TN X864
C782dn MS610dtn T640 X925
C782dtn MS710N T640 Series X940 Series
C782n MS710dn T640DN X940e
C782x MS711dn T640DTN X945 Series
C792 MS810de T640N X945e
C792de MS810dn T640TN X950de
C792dhe MS810dtn T642 X952dte
C792dte MS810n T642DN X954dhe
C792e MS811 T642DTN Z55/se
C920 MS811dn T642N Z565/se
C920dtn MS811dtn T642TN Z65/n/p
C925 MS811n T644 x748de
C935 MS812 T644dn x748dte
C935dn MS812de T644dtn x792de
C935dtn MS812dn T644n x792dte
C935hdn MS812dtn T644tn
C935x MS911 T650
C950 MS911de S T650 Series
C950DE MX310dn T650DN
CS310dn MX410de T650DTN
CS310n MX510 T650N
CS410dn MX510DTE T652