Samsung Printer Models

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Fax Machines
SF-650 Series SF-760
Laser Printers
1130L CLX-6210FX ML-1710P SCX-3405FW
1630W CLX-6220FX ML-1740 SCX-4016
1641 CLX-6240FX ML-1750 SCX-4100
1915 CLX-6260FD ML-1755 SCX-4116
2210L CLX-6260FR ML-1860 SCX-4216
2241 CLX-6260FW ML-1865 SCX-4216F
2525 CLX-6260ND ML-1865W SCX-4300
2540 FX16 ML-1910 SCX-4321
2580 M2625 ML-1915 SCX-4500
2851ND M2625D ML-2010 SCX-4521F
3115 Phaser M2626 ML-2010 Series SCX-4521F Series
3122 M2670 ML-2150 SCX-4521G Series
3124 M2675 ML-2151 SCX-4600
3130 M2676 ML-2151N SCX-4623 Series
3310ND M2825 ML-2155 SCX-4720F
3312ND M2825DW ML-2160 SCX-4725FN
3710D M2825ND ML-2165 W SCX-4729D
3710ND M2826 ML-2240 SCX-4729FD
3712DW M2835DW ML-2250 SCX-4729FW
3712ND M2870 ML-2251N SCX-472x Series
4623 M2875 ML-2251NP SCX-4826
4725FN M2875FD ML-2510 SCX-4828
4826 M2875FW ML-2525 Series SCX-4833FD
4828 M2876 ML-2550 Series SCX-4835FD
4835FR M2885FW ML-2551N SCX-4835FR
5637FR M3320 ML-2552W SCX-5530 Series
5639FR M3320ND ML-2570 SCX-5635
5737FW M3370 ML-2571N SCX-5635FN
5739FW M3370FD ML-2850A SCX-5637FR
655R M3820 ML-2851ND SCX-5639FR
C430 M3820DW ML-2855ND SCX-5737FR
C480 M3820ND ML-2955DN SCX-5737FW
CLP-300 M3870 ML-2955DW SCX-5739FW
CLP-300N M3870FD ML-2955ND SCX-5835FN
CLP-310 M3870FW ML-295x SF-550
CLP-315 M4020ND ML-3050 SF-555
CLP-315W M4070 ML-3051N SF-560
CLP-320 M4070FR ML-3051ND SF-565
CLP-365W M4580FX ML-3051NDG SF-650
CLP-415 M4583FX ML-3051NG SL-2070FW
CLP-415NW MFP SCX-4200 ML-3310ND SL-2070W
CLP-510 ML-1010 ML-3312ND SL-C410W
CLP-610 ML-1020M ML-3470D SL-M2020W
CLP-610ND ML-1210 ML-3470ND SL-M2022
CLP-620 Series ML-1220M ML-3471ND SL-M2022W
CLP-620ND ML-1250 ML-3472NDK SL-M2070
CLP-660 Series ML-1430 ML-3710ND SL-M2070F
CLP-670 Series ML-1510 ML-3712DW SL-M2070FW
CLP-670ND ML-1610 ML-3712ND SL-M2070W
CLP-680ND ML-1615 ML-4512ND SL-M2620
CLP-770ND ML-1620 ML-4550 SL-M2670
CLP-775ND ML-1630 ML-4551 Series SL-M2820
CLX-2160 ML-1640 ML-4551N SL-M2870
CLX-2160N ML-1660 ML-4551NDR SL-M2885FW
CLX-3160 Series ML-1661 ML-5012ND SL-M4072FD
CLX-3170 Series ML-1665 ML-5017ND ML-1915
CLX-3175 Series ML-1666 ML-5512ND CLP-325
CLX-3175FN ML-1667 ML-6512ND
CLX-3175FW ML-1670 MSYS750
CLX-3180 ML-1675 MSYS755
CLX-3185FW ML-1710 SCX-3200
CLX-3305 Series ML-1710B SCX-3205
CLX-4195 Series ML-1710D SCX-3205W
CLX-6200 Series ML-1710D3 SCX-3405 Series